What is post-digital art?

Monday 29 February 2016, 11:00 – 13.00

Paradigms, Giorgio Agamben has said, are things that we think and worth with, rather than being things that thought and work are about. In light of this statement, how does art think and work with the paradigms of the digital age? How has its paradigm been changed by, and how does it engage digital apparatus. This KEY event will explore how artists are beginning to work critically and generative with questions like these in our post-internet age.

With Francis Brady (artist, writer and lecturer) and Dan Ward (filmmaker and write). Introduced by Andrew Chesher (artist and Stage 1 Leader BAFA), organised by Katrine Hjelde (Graduate Diploma Fine Art Course Leader).

featured image credit: Francis Brady, Second-person narratives in empty rooms, 2014, CAD digital modelling backgrounds, Print.

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