Why do artists collaborate?

Monday 30 January 2017, 11:00 – 13.00

Collaboration has always been important to the production of art, but as a method it has moved center stage within contemporary art practice and become a critical force. For instance, a renewed interest in collective work appears as an alternative to the predominant focus on the individual so often found in the art world. However, the form of – and basis for – collective activities is still developing. Exploring this field, we see artist groups, partnerships, collectives, and project related to long term partnerships. What does collaborative working afford the artist and does collaboration change what art is or could be?

With Dr. Marsha Bradfield, (Artist, Researcher, Lecturer and collaborator extraordinaire), Eva Sajovic (Artist and Lecturer) and BordersBorderless Collective (Art Students) in conversation with Ben Fitton. Introduced by Katrine Hjelde, Graduate Diploma Course Leader.

featured image credit: ♯TransActing: A Market of Values, Critical Practice 2015, Chelsea College of Art, Photo: Metod Blejec

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